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POV Parameterized Dimension versus Cube POV

Ok, we have a cube view configured with a parameter for the following dimensions highlighted below in the POV tab of the CV Now, I explained to our testers that we wouldn’t need to select the members under the CUBE POV because it is parameterized in ...

JCordova_0-1670967250757.png JCordova_1-1670967250758.png
JCordova by New Contributor
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Data Attachments

When a data attachment is added to a cell, the cell is marked with a red triangle indicating the existence of the attachment. This does not appear to show up in excel when the form is connected to Cubeview Connection. The only way to know whether the...

GW by New Contributor
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Cube View Column Data Filtering

Hi, is there a way to set up a cube view filter based on column data? For example, while reviewing the data, user would like to filter by employees that started before 2020 or filter by employees that were terminated in 2021.  

Cube View Filter.jpg
royceBPSC by New Contributor II
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User security and cubeview performance

I am trying to troubleshoot a performance issue when running cubeviews as a non-admin. If a user is not in the "Administrators" group, then a simple cubeview might take a lot longer than it would otherwise (by a large factor, like 3 to 5.) Is this a ...

dbeavon by Contributor
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Resolved! GolfStream reference application download

Can someone please point me to a place where I can retrieve the "golfstream" reference application?We don't have it installed in our onestream environment. I just need to take a peek at a single artifact (a cubeview). The reason I ask is because some...

dbeavon by Contributor
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