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Dashboard: Combo box with bound parameter

Hi,I have set up a combo box that uses Bound List parameter "WfProfile_AssignedEntities" with defaul value WFProfile_AssignedEntities. Even though the default value is set, when I use it in the dashboard, it default to empty space and a drop-down whe...

Bound_parameter.jpg Combo_box.jpg Dashboard.jpg
LarysaZ by New Contributor
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BI Viewer - Expression to grab a specific account on pane

I'm trying to figure out how to build an expression that pulls "Avg Fleet" numbers and plot a bar chat on an existing pane. I've asked a similar question in this post - I was able to make the syntax work. However I still can not isolate just Avg Flee...

Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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BI Viewer - Creating a clustered column line chart

Hey All,I'm trying to add a column (bar) chart on top of this line chart. But I want it to reference and add a dollar based stats account (e.g. Avg Fleet Total) bar chart. I noticed there is a way to add a second axis on the right - so wondering if I...

Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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Parameter value not appearing

Hi, I am (again) trying to use parameters in a SQL table editor. My parameter is set in order to get a column from an SQL table. When I test the parameter, this is working fine. However, when I add this parameter (which is a bound parameter) to the c...

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Sergey by Contributor
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Dependant parameters?

Hi, Is there a way to set up dependant parameters, ie. Paramater value that depend on another parameter?The idea is that the user select a value among a list in parameter A (which is not a dimension element), then the list in parameter B will be filt...

Sergey by Contributor
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