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Resolved! Cube View Time parameter displaying first month of current year

Hello, I have a Cube View that prompts the user to select the month for the report when it is run.It would be great if it could select the current year's first month by default.I have tried some different things in the Default Value such as WFYear, T...

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FM by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Cube View Parametric driven column

I have a cube view that I need to modify so that in the second column we are getting data that is driven by the selection that the user makes for the first column.For example if the user selects a forecast for February to be in the first column, then...

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FM by New Contributor III
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Time Description for non standard time profiles

Hi, Would be great to get your thoughts on the below: I have 2 cubes with 2 different time profiles attached – Standard (Jan-Dec) and AugYearEnd (Sep – Aug) I have used the below query successfully in CVs to get the time description based on the cube...

SC by New Contributor III
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Dashboard: Combo box with bound parameter

Hi,I have set up a combo box that uses Bound List parameter "WfProfile_AssignedEntities" with defaul value WFProfile_AssignedEntities. Even though the default value is set, when I use it in the dashboard, it default to empty space and a drop-down whe...

Bound_parameter.jpg Combo_box.jpg Dashboard.jpg
LarysaZ by New Contributor II
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Parameter with different culture

Hi Community !I am building an application where there is a need to have different "culture" on the accounts.In my cube view, I have a column where the "cell type" is defined as a combo box based on a parameter where the user can enter Yes or No. Thi...

Sergey by Contributor
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