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Resolved! Parser rule issue

I have a parser rule that works fine for a Budget type scenario but does not read a WFText1 for a Scenario Type 2 .I am using the below syntax to read the WFText1 property from a parser rule .This step is an import type step.It returns the GL list as...

sruthy by New Contributor
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Resolved! Getting the Workflow Profile Text1 attribute value using BRApi

I am trying to get the Text1 field value using a Business Rule and put this value in a cube view that is being used as Form. Does anyone have done this before? Is it possible to get the Text1 value from the Workflow Profile using BRApi? Thanks for th...

sfilho by New Contributor III
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Resolved! BRAPI rule for getting Text field from Workflow

I'm trying to pull a Text field from a workflow in a transformation event handler rule but ran into an issue. I originally tried to use api.Workflow.GetWFText1() but that does not work in a transformation event handler rule. Is there a way to get it ...

ericb by New Contributor II
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