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After signing out, if anyone else comes along and clicks Sign In, the session I signed out of resumes. No login challenge/2FA. They are me.When clicking Sign Out at the top right, the session remains open, there is no way I can see to end it:
I have a dashboard that uses a Tree View. Its in a named workspace. The only way I can get images to work with it is to upload the images to a Default Workspace. Is there a way to reference my images in the workspace where the Tree View is?
We have several workflows that involve many steps. The requirement is to have a button in a dashboard that runs the entire sequence or sequences. This is coded and works.The problem is when running workflows using a BR, the UI status doesn't update u...
OS Version 7.4.2I have a SQL Table Editor in a dashboard. Three columns: Date, Amount, Descr. The user can edit Amount and Descr. No Inserts, no deletes.The table loads with a bunch of dates. The user fills in amounts in records where needed. The des...
Please allow the forum width to expand with the web browser size. Limiting it to ~800 pixels in an age when most screens are at least 1920 pixels wide seems unnecessary. This is what I see. Second pic shows white space (green boxes) that could be use...