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Textvalue load in matrix Excel file

Hi all,We are successfully uploading budget information in an excel template. This is a matrix load containing 12 periods of data. For each line the user can upload a textvalue. This is also working. However, the comment is uploaded to each month. Ho...

Resolved! Why are some values greyed out?

Hi,I am working on the cubeview below, where I have 2 dynamic calc accounts. On some of the cells their value is greyed out. The dimension on column is UD4. Can somebody help me understand why some of the values are greyed out? Thank you

AndreaF by Contributor II
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CubeView Defaults

Kinda of a silly question I was building a cubeview and was trying to adjust the expansion on the layout. It was set to default view, which got me to wondering where are these default selections set. I first looked through the documentation, then rem...

JonKunert by New Contributor III
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Metadata Extract

All,Is there a way to extract metadata(entity dimension) with just parent child relationship information and not all the application member properties using the usual export process?

GouravM by New Contributor II
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