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Adding Current Entity/DU pov to data buffer

Everyone, we are trying to create a data buffer using GetDataBufferUsingFormula where we would like to have the current entity or all the DU member's information included. Is there a way to do that? the idea is to get the buffer and then apply a filt...

rxs_755 by New Contributor
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Adding spacing within a dashboard - how?

Hi all,Trying to figure out how to position a component in a particular column (or give the appearance of that)It's a grid type and has 5 columns, 2 rows and 6 components (previously 6 columns, 1 row and 6 components but it's too wide for the screen ...

kmd by Contributor
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Transformation Rule Mapping Null

Hi, I am trying to load a CSV file to OneStream through my Workflow. I have a few rows in my csv file where the IC column is empty. I am trying to map those IC lines to go in "None". How would you do this? I have tried through a one-to-one mapping; s...

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