Automated process to disable users based on Inactivity Threshold / Remaining Allowed Inactivity

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We worked with OneStream to set the Inactivity Threshold to 90 days but discovered inactive users are not automatically Disabled after 90 days - only flagged as 0 days of "Remaining Allowed Inactivity".  I'm assuming we could create a Business Rule or some other process that could query OneStream security data within the system to confirm users who meet the "Remaining Allowed Inactivity" = "0 Days" criteria.  Manual review could work as well but not preferred.

Any suggestions on how this could be automated in OneStream?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Kevin,

We use something like this on an extender rule which we run from a data management job, which is on the task scheduler to run once a day.

Case Is = ExtenderFunctionType.ExecuteDataMgmtBusinessRuleStep
' Get Users
Dim userList As List(Of UserSummaryInfo) = BRApi.Security.Admin.GetUsers(si)
' Loop through users
For Each usr As UserSummaryInfo In userList

	'Get UserName
	Dim objUserInfo As UserInfo = BRApi.Security.Admin.GetUser(si,usr.ToString)
	'Get Remaining Allowed Inactivty
	Dim inactive As String = BRApi.Security.Admin.GetUserAndStatus(si,usr.ToString).LogonStatus.GetNumDaysOfRemainingAllowedInactivity()
	'If the user is currently enabled
	If objUserInfo.User.IsEnabled = True Then
		'If no remaining allowed inactivty
		If inactive = "0" Then
			'Disable user
			objUserInfo.User.IsEnabled = False
			'Save User
			BRApi.Security.Admin.SaveUser(si, objUserInfo.User, False, Nothing, TriStateBool.Unknown)
		End If
	End If				


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Thanks for the suggestion.  This code appears to provide the expected result.  We are doing some additional review but hope to deploy in our Production Environment soon.  Thanks for sharing!! 

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