What is the difference between ONECommunity and OneStream Champions?

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As many of our members are members of OneStream Champions we thought it would be good to explain the difference between the two areas. 

OneStream Champions is a place for the community to engage in promoting OneStream, while creating stronger relationships with our global network of customers and partners. Earn rewards along the way as you complete tasks such as sharing a LinkedIn post or answering a survey.

ONECommunity is a place for the community to go to engage in asking and answering and searching for technical questions and answers.    The ONECommunity is monitored to answer those questions while the Champions area is more social in nature. 

We want to have the proper place for content and questions about the product be contained in ONECommunity so there is one place to search for those answers.    

OneStream Champions mission is to elevate the voice of the OneStream community, and promote advocacy of OneStream in the market, through fun and rewarding engagement activities. OneStream Champions is a place for customers and partners to connect, network, and share the benefits of the OneStream platform.

ONECommunity mission is to provide one central source for all customers, employees and partners to communicate and build relationships and find answers to their questions and documentation on all product features and training materials.  




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