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Task Manager can be used to launch tasks, but is not there for automating tasks. For that, as of version 6.2, you can use the Task Scheduler:

  1. in Application -> Tools / Data Management, create the necessary Calculate Steps
  2. create one or more Sequences, containing those Steps
  3. in Application -> Tools / Task Scheduler, schedule the Sequence as necessary.

Further automation can be achieved using PowerShell, REST API, Client API, and other external job-automation mechanisms.

Note: The main purpose of Task Manager is to track tasks related to the close, many of which may be outside of OneStream (e.g., Subledger was closed, accrual journals posted, etc…). Its purpose is not the automation of tasks within OneStream.



Task Scheduler has been available since this post. e.g. Hourly consolidations during close days can be set by the system admin.

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