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Following is a business rule and an example output of our ability to send an email to all late tasks owners for a given time period. The customer wanted to have an automated process that sends a summary email to all late tasks owners that describes the late tasks the user owns including the task status, due date, days past due, current preparer/approver name, and task commentary. This gives the management team convenient visibility into what tasks are late for the current period of close and also makes the users more accountable for their late tasks.


Steps to Implement:

1. Upload attached rule to your application - The rule is titled 'UTM_EmailLateTasksHelper'.

2. Create a security group called "TaskManagerCC". Assign users to this group that you would like to CC on the email. This security group can only contain users. This solution also assumes that each user license has an email address identified in the user settings.

3. Note, the business rule works off the global time period to determine what period to query late tasks for. Be sure to update the global time to the current period of close.

4. Confirm your application has the 'OneStreamEmail' email connection configured on the app server config file in order to facilitate the email sending.

5. Create a data management step - Execute business rule to execute the rule imported in step 1. Then create a DM sequence and assign the step.

6. You can now execute the DM job manually to fire off the late tasks email.

7. Create a PowerShell script to execute the OS DM job and then use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule the automation of this task (daily, monthly, etc.)



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