Account Reconciliation Workarounds

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Hey OS Community,

I've recently submitted a few Enhancement Requests for the Account Reconciliation MarketPlace Solution, but I'm wondering in the interim how the community is handling one of the challenges I'm facing.  

Detail Items (Item Comment, Ref 1, Ref 2)

When a user loads reconciling support it feeds into the detail items section on a rec.  If the rec is setup as a Template (T-Doc) type, they can add info in the Item Comment, Ref 1, and Ref 2 fields.  This effectively provides 3 columns of detail for them to upload.  If the rec is setup as a subledger type (loaded via a Workflow), Ref 1 and Ref 2 are unavailable.  Our workaround is to write some code to concatenate multiple columns into the Item Comment column, but it honestly doesn't look great. Below are screen shots explaining this further.

Are there any community recommendations to improve upon the existing workaround I mentioned? 


Example 1 - Template Load via T-Doc button 


Example 2 - Subledger Load via Workflow 




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Hi Aric, since RCM_SolutionHelper remains decrypted, you could, in theory, customize the function used to insert subledger balances (the balance check function). If you were to do it, my recommendation would be to write all custom code in a stand-alone business rule and then make a call to that business rule from the original balance check function in RCM (commenting out the rest of the original function). In this way, you minimize future maintenance during upgrades. 

Beware table structures changed considerably in RCMpv660sv100 to accommodate time-based attributes.