People Planning - Calculating # of months since Employee Hire Date at each calc period

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Our goal is to determine how many hours of PTO an Hourly Employee receives based on the # of years (months or days) an employee has worked (see picture below).  This calc needs to be reassessed at every calc period so if an employee crosses a milestone of years employed, we begin capturing the proper hours of PTO assigned.


The logic provided below is our starting point. If there is a more efficient logic, open to ideas!


Step 1: Calc

                                Calc Period Start Date - Employee Hire Date = # of Months

Step 2:

                                If # Months < 24 months (or 2 years) then return 80 (hours), If not then If # Months >= 24 months then return 120 (hours). See full breakout below:

I have changed the values in the fields below, but the concept remains the same. 



The content we are utilizing to build our business rule includes the following fields from the Register:

  • |HireDate| 
  • |CalcPer| - not register field, but inherent

Additional PLP Global Drivers built are below. We understand yearly updates will be necessary. The purpose of having these global drivers is to assign dates to each calc period so we can compare “apples to apples” from a Calc Period vs a Hire Date.