People Planning Workflow Question

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I am working on a people planning solution and I am running into issues with our register workflows. We want to load a people register via excel to a central register and then have the ability to use multiple other registers that will be limited to only the employees in the Workflow Business Unit. We are currently trying to do this by including a column for WF Profile in our Central upload template and assigning each employee to the proper workflow profile. However, when we upload this excel template, the workflow profile reverts to our central register. What are the recommended steps for fixing this issue? PLP Central Register.jpgPLP Excel register.jpg


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I am experiencing the exact same problem in this version of PLP.  I am unable to load to any WFP other than the one that is in my current Workflow Profile.  I have implemented PLP many times before and this has never been an issue.  OneStream please help!

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I have been facing the same problem, I then looked at the business rules doing the tricks and found that there is a section in PLP_SolutionHelper BR ImportRegisterFromXLSXFile Sub which is updating the excel range with the current WF profile, disabling that line worked for me (not sure if this is the ideal solution though) -


registerRangeHelper.SetRangeFieldStaticValue(si, range, registerRangeHelper.WorkflowProfile, workflowPOVCriteria.ProfileName)
registerRangeHelper.SetRangeFieldStaticValue(si, range, registerRangeHelper.WorkflowScenario, workflowPOVCriteria.ScenarioName)
registerRangeHelper.SetRangeFieldStaticValue(si, range, registerRangeHelper.WorkflowTime, workflowPOVCriteria.TimeName)