Possibility to Copy Parent level data to Historical Scenarioto keep full picture of data


Hi all

Does someone know if there is a script / rule which we could use to Copy data from one scenario to the Historical scenario at aprent level?

At the moment we only see the option to copy Input data but not the option to copy all level data. 

The problem is if we only copy the Input data and the hierarchy changes, then the data consolidated to the parent will change and we do not want this for a historical scenario. 


Any suggestions?





Extra note: We also do not want to run the consolidation on historical data, so we want to copy data from all level to avoid that step. Is this possible at all?

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Hi Nou, I've used a DM Step linked to a business rule to do this. I consider it "Cold Storage." it copies every consolidation dimension member for every entity, base and parent. It is a replica of every entity in the hierarchy and does not require consolidation, in fact it was designed to avoid consolidation. The historical scenario is not in workflow, does not allow calc from grids, and DM access was returned to the nobody group to protect its data. 

Hope you've already solved but if not I can help.



Hi Steesdale

Thank you for your information, which we will review and get back to you if we need further details


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