Predictive 123

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Installed an older version of P-123 and got it working (except for actually writing back to the cube). Liked that version as I could run at a parent level and it would create the prediction at all child levels. Worked with OS Support to fix the writeback issue and they had me upgrade to the latest versrion. Come to find out that version does not allow you to run at a parent level but only at a base level on all Dim’s (Atleast what I am told and what my testing has confirmed). For any single Rev account we could have 50+ Entities and 50+ UD1/UD2 members with data. Not able to run if I have to run at Base as I could have 50+ combo’s. Going to go back to the earlier version and see if I can get the writeback to work as it allows me to run at a parent. Just curious if anybody else is using the tool and how. Hope I am wrong about the new version but just is not working for me and there is no value if I have to manually run something 50+ times for just one account.


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Clarke - The earlier version allowed you to run at the parent but the problem with that is the writeback will not work, as you can’t write to a parent. How many targets (account, Entity, UD1, UD2 combinations) are you trying to run?

we have 48 Entities that have Rev activity. Each entity has atleast 5 different Rev accounts. An entity can have Rev for different Operational regions (UD4 - Assume 2 each). So at a minimum we are looking at 48 * 5 * 2 = 480 Base level Entity/Account/UD4 combo’s. We would need all that run to get anything of value. Any suggestions on how to do that.

We don’t recommend going above 300 targets for PA123 as it takes too long to run. Could you split it into two templates with one UD4 in each?

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Thanks but that would not work as we have 40 UD4 members.  Just too many combo's between account, Entity and UD4, plus if you throw in UD1/2/3 which will be different there are many many combo's  Will just wait until the tool is improved.

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