Task Manager - how to link a task which Opens Workflow to the time period in Task Manager?

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How can we link a Task that Opens Workflow to the correct time period in Task Manager? If the Task has, for example, the Workflow Time set to |GlobalTime| it will show the task information based on the Global Time regardless of what period we are in in Task Manager - showing the wrong information when looking at a different period in Task Manager, and not giving the correct timeliness trend information.


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I have the same issue. Was this resolved for you? 

Hi @kmorschii 

We did the following, which solved it except for the Timeliness Trend graphs:

1) Set the Tasks which have the Open Workflow Action to use |WFTime| for the Workflow Time

2) Changed the POV Action on the dashboard component "cbx_ParamBarWFTimeName_UTM" to Change Workflow with this Argument: WFProfile=[MyProfile], WFScenario=[MyScenario], WFTime=[|!SelectedWFTimeName_UTM!|].

This changes the Workflow POV of the User to what they select from Task Manager, so when they execute that Task it goes to that Time Period. Doesn't work for the Timeliness Trend as it still is only looking at one period.