Is it possible to use spreadsheet component (Table View in it) in the Book ?

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Hi All, 

I create a spreadsheet business rule to refresh the data from external table using Table Views, now our users wants to drop these files into OneStream file share on daily basis so external systems can consume. 

Is it possible to use parcel service to refresh these files (using table views with in the spreadsheet) and drop them into file share every time the job trigger ? 

Or Is there any alternate approaches to export data from custom table to excel files ?

Thank you. 


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Community Manager

There are 3 approaches I am aware of, via standard Data Management features:

  • Build your view as a Grid View powered by a Data Adapter, put it in a Dashboard, then use a DM Step of type "Export Report" pointing to the dashboard.
  • Use a DM Step of type "Export File", and configure your Excel file with Extensible Document features. The job has an option to process them.
  • Use a DM Step of type "Execute Business Rule", and just produce an Excel file in code.

Then you can probably use Parcel Service to send out the resulting output, but I'm not very familiar with it myself.