24 Month PLP Dataset - Import to cube

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Hello All,

We have setup People Planning for 24 periods.  We need to import the data into a cube across 2 years/24 months.

Wondering the best approach.

We have flagged Allow Loads After Workflow View Year as "True".

We have tried using "Range" in the Workflow Tracking Frequency.

This approach works, but the fact that we can't change time periods in the Scenario, creates some monthly and annual process management issues.

Anybody use an alternative approach?




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Hi Scott - I am not sure I understand what exactly you are asking. I don't quite understand what you mean by "can't change the time periods in the scenario". Can you elaborate more on what the issue is?

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Within a Scenario, the "Workflow Tacking Frequency" can be set to "Range". 

When set to "Range" the following fields become active:

  • Workflow Time
  • Workflow Start Time
  • Workflow End Time

After data has been entered into the scenario set to range, you can not change those time periods.


I hope this answers your question.



Hi Scott, 
An alternative that could be used would not preserve the "old" people plan in the same scenario if planned annually. 
If such a rolling/working scenario is used then the plan from WFYear M1 to WFYear M24 could transform, for example, into the WFYear1 M1 to WFYear+1 M12 in the transformation rules. There may be a need for a code adjustment if only 12 periods of the workflow year are transferred.

Is the concept to update the people plan on a monthly basis?
Generally customers have a scenario for each period of the year in that case.

The tracking frequency is also about locking certain periods, so if the plan does not get updated on a monthly basis, but only yearly, then monthly data tracked yearly could suffice.
Is everything else to be entered in the scenario also to be planned in the same way, i.e. on the same time horizons?
Your post resounds as though you prefer a more formalized process, the range scenarios allow for Yr2 data to be kept while planning the same year as Yr1 in a new ranged scenario. Allowing two different formal plans to be compared with each other and later to Actual data. Several customers that I know of have a start year prefix on a larger set of ranged scenarios. How long is each scenario to be kept if this is case?
It sounds like a wider discussion with your Architect.