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Base Members as a List In SQL Queries

Hi - I am currently working on a dashboard that leverages a data adapter to an external database to fetch detailed GL transactions (similar to drillback functionality) and return them in a BI Viewer table within a dashboard. The SQL statement current...

stribou by New Contributor
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Resolved! Does OneStream have smartlist type of data type?

Hello OneStream Expert: We are going to to convert one Hyperion Planning application to OneStream Application. In Hyperion application we have SmartList type of Datatype, for example we have an Account Member call Display_Flag 1, Yes 2. No In web for...

SimpleLove by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Data management Sequence

Hello Community, I am encountering an issue with a Data Management Sequence consisting of four steps. The first step is not executing as expected. If anyone has insights into potential causes, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Details of th...

Akalya_N by New Contributor
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