Allocated Memory over 85 percent Warnings

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Hello all,

I'm repeatedly seeing a warning about "A virtual machine in your environment has maintained allocated memory over 85 percent full for the last 12 hours".  In your experience, what's the best way to chase down the root cause or contributing factors to alleviate this?

Kurt Mayer |
Certified Lead Architect | Certified OneStream Instructor



Do you have the latest OneStream Diagnostics?  If not, I would uninstall the old version of this MarketPlace Solution and install the latest version.  There is a "Memory Manager" option within this tool that may give you some insight.

Another option is to look at the TASK ACTIVITY, and filter on "running".  This should give you an indication of the task that is constantly running.,  if there isn't anything running at that particular time, filter on duration and look for tasks that are taking over 30 minutes, etc...


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