Best and Stable OneStream Version

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Hello Team,

We are in planning of upgrade from lower version to higher version and looking for best and stable version with out any issues.

Also could you please guide us best planning approach to implement this activity.

Thank you. 


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Hi Leon,

If you are on cloud just ask OneStream to upgrade to the latest, or the prior version. Onestream is stable version.  The latest versions have features that can help you improve the current model. 

If OneStream server is managed in-house, ping me to check the environment and decide the best course of action.

Community Manager
Community Manager

The best version is typically the latest one. If your environment is in the Onestream Cloud, just talk to Support and everything will be taken care of. If you're on-premises, you might still want to have a chat about possible gotchas of a specific release, although the procedure is typically very straightforward.

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Our co policy is to upgrade to the latest version minus one so there's time to resolve bugs with hot fixes before we're affected.