Daily Forecast Load

I would like to know from fellow OneStreamers where you’ve done a daily forecasting application. I’m not necessarily looking for a solution. Just ideas on how this can be done.

How do you load day into a daily forecasting application when the data file is rolling forward by day? I’m looking at the design guide and there it is talking about UD dimension as a channel. However, that needs you to create multiple channels and multiple import workflow profiles. (the example with Departments is awfully generic, as you can have department files and can have department import child profiles)

When I load day 5 today, I’m only going to get data from day 5 onwards. When I load the data then the prior days of May 1-4 are gone.

Thank you for your suggestions.



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When I have done daily apps, I like to put a generic day dimension in, Day1, Day2, etc. Assuming this is set up to be a weekly time app, perhaps one of the UDs could be a day dim Day 1 - 7. I have also done it for days of the year, Day 1 - 366.

Craig, thank you for your reply. We do have a day dimension set up. Day1-Day31. I’m trying to create a less intrusive way of loading forecast data. I’ll keep you all posted. 


So here is what we did. User loads to an import (stage only) profile, transformation event handler then looks at the workflows that need a load day by day profiles. Behind the scene loads multiple workflows looking at the file (days in the file) and loads those day-specific load-only profiles behind the scene.


Thanks & This is an useful info.