Data Records table status definitions

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Can someone point me in the direction of the definitions for the status numbers on the Data Records table? I also submitted the question to OS support because I can't find the info anywhere. Here's where I mean: 




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Thanks so much! Baffling as to why that's not in the design doc but very much appreciated 🙂

You're welcome.  Makes sense that this content could be added to the OneStream technical docs.  I recommend submitting an enhancement request to update the OneStream technical docs with this information.  In all fairness, the Data Record tables are the financial analytic tables and are tables that should never be queried against for reporting, third party processes, or through business rules.  From an end user perspective, the user interface interaction is rendered in a more user friendly format to determine what these statuses are.  You would see it like this from the Cell Status screen.  A combination of these settings makes up the status value in the Status columns of the Data Record table.  



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@TonyToniTone I was also wondering the same thing so I appreciate the question and responses.  I have been looking for a way to query storage type for a dashboard in order to show durable calculations vs imported data.  If we shouldn't be querying the data tables, do you happen to have another solution for pulling the cell storage type?

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Definitely do not query the Data Record tables for the storage type in your situation.  This can have a domino effect on many processes impacting the performance of the entire environment.  I haven't tried to get the Storage Type outside of the Finance Business Rule.  In the Finance Business Rule, I can use this Dim objDataCellStorageType As DataCellStorageType = objDataCellStatus.StorageType under DataCellStatus object.  Maybe you can get a solution to work using a dynamic UD8 member?


If this is a process that is really needed, then I would suggest submitting a OneStream support ticket and have a discussion with AAS.