Error Message: 'GridItemThemeKeyExtension_DefaultBackgroundColor_OneStreamBlue' resource not found.

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Users have been receiving the following error when trying to access various dashboards:

"'GridItemThemeKeyExtension_DefaultBackgroundColor_OneStreamBlue' resource not found."

The error has occurred for multiple users on multiple dashboards, within Production and Sandbox. We have found that the error does not reappear if the user logs out of OneStream and completely closes the application before logging back in and attempting to access the dashboard again.

Has anyone else seen this error before and been able to determine the root cause?


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Hi @molly_lvc 
Please could you contact support directly for that one. It seems that the error in with some Dlls or DevExpress Theme. This seems to be called at the startup.
Without going into detail on why/what/how (which are usually our favorite questions 😁), I am pretty sure there is nothing we can do about it as it is a backend issue. Maybe a simple restart will solve it. If not, contact the support.

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Thank you, I'll log a ticket!