Heartbeat Only Working For Specific App Servers

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Using v.7.4.1.

Initially, I set up 1 WebServer and 1 AppServer

I configured the single AppServer to handle all processing and added that AppServer to the WebServer Config.

The AppServer was receiving the heartbeat request as expected.

Then I set up a second AppServer.  I changed 1 AppServer to be General Access and Stage Load.  I set up the other AppServer to be Consolidation and Data Management.

I checked the logs on both AppServers and only the AppServer configured as General Access and Stage Load received the heartbeat request.

I decided to swap the AppServer functions and the heartbeat followed the General Access AppServer.

I assumed the heartbeat would be found on ALL AppServers.  

Is it by design that ONLY the General Access AppServer gets the heartbeat?


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Hey Raymond, 

This sounds like a question for Support. Did you open a case already? If not, i can do it for you. Let me know.