How do we access custom Tables of OneStream cloud from on-prem?

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We will be setting up tables using Table Data Manager to store some filtered extract of application data.

My question is how can on-prem folks access these tables? We were wondering whether we should just use on-prem database and use BR to extract the data to those on-prem tables. But this means we have to rely on IT to maintain those staging tables and access. 

I prefer keeping the tables in Onestream app and give access to those tables.

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So you have an on-premise OneStream installation, and a cloud OneStream account, and you want to give users of the former access to the latter?

There are 2 options I can imagine, although there are probably more:

  • Use the REST Api to pull data from cloud to on-premise. That would be my recommended approach. How you trigger the calls is up to you (a BR inside on-prem OS, an external script, etc). Have a look at the REST API Implementation Guide, available in the main Documentation package in the Platform section of Marketplace.
    • In particular, check the GetAdoDataSetFor* calls.
    • Even editing is possible using GetAdoDataSetForSqlCommand
  • Push the export from cloud, via DataManagement jobs, to some filesystem that is accessible from on-premise. You'll still need some on-prem process to pick up the data, and you won't be able to make changes.

I believe you will be able to use the new Smart Integration Connector to push data back also. There is a course in Navigator but I haven't done the whole thing yet.