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Multiple OS Applications

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I have a question about multiple applications.  I know typically people think of OneStream as having everything within one application seperated by cubes.  Thinking of an application where Planning activities are quite different than existing consolidation activities and I am a bit weary of trying to jam it all into the existing Consolidation application.  I am wondering if it would be easier to organize in a seperate application altogether so there would be a planning application and a consolidation application and the planning data would eventually be loaded into the Consolidation Application after it's approved.  There are a number of reasons that lead me to entertain this idea one of which is performance and that we may only ever want to 'Aggregate/C#Aggregated' the data in Planning and 'Consolidate/C#Local' the data in the Consolidation application and we don't want it to get confusing with what data to use for the users.  Other reasons relate to unrequired members and performance tuning / metadata setup that might not lend itself to combining apps.  Is two applications a 'sanctioned' idea in OneStream?  The OS Planning Book references the word 'Planning Application' from time to time and that suggests they could be referring to a seperate Planning application as opposed to just a seperate cube.





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We have had similar implementation for a client in our organization. People planning solution was developed in one application, the direct labor costs were pushed to the other planning application at Enterprise level. This concept of housing different modules in different applications seems to be common. Any other view points/learnings are most welcome. 

Bharti Paryani

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Thx Bharti.  So was there a separate Planning and Consolidation application?  Or was the separation only between an application that hosted People Planning and then the real Planning Cube application?  The situation I am thinking about doesn't have any Specialty models so it's just separating applications each with their own cube.  Anyone else have experience with what I am describing?

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1. With different COA then you can implement through extensibility within the same application. It can vertical or Horizontal based on your entity,COA & UD's. so all will be in one application with single cube or multiple cube. 



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When considering multiple apps, it's important to understand both the benefits and detriments. The main categories I can think of off the top of my head would be time profile (weekly/monthly), dual maintenance, end users potentially having to log into both apps, keeping both apps in sync - not only from a metadata perspective, but also cube views, dashboards, business rules (that may need to be modified depending on how similar or different the apps are). One would think data movement is a big factor, but it isn't a major one.

None of the concerns mentioned in the OP (end user experience, aggregate vs consolidate, performance, metadata) would push me to two applications.