Parent entity write security & Annotation-type view members

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Hi all,

Who utilizes Annotation or the other similar view members for writing text into OS? If so, do you give write access to parent entities?

We’re looking to use VarianceExplanation to capture threshold explanations but we review and explain this data at a parent level and currently our entity parents all have a write access group of Nobody. I’m looking to narrow down when write access would be given at a parent entity level so I can judge what we’re opening ourselves up to if we decide to change security.
Any insights are appreciated!


I dread to think that I’m saying this. You can use data access (slice security) and elevate the access to parents and the annotation view to write access. That could solve the issue of opening it up to have write access to the rest of the items.

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Is it possible to write annotations (V#VarianceExplanation) directly to parent entities without them getting wiped out during consolidation? If so, we could totally use this to record and store variance explanations in OneStream instead of disconnected spreadsheets!

We similarly explain variances at higher level entities. Being able to capture these explanations as it applies to various reporting levels/areas of responsibility would be awesome! I’ve seen solutions to concatenate annotations from descendants, but that could get quite messy and lose context going up the hierarchy.

It may be a challenge at the aggregating dimensions, Accounts and below, since data cannot be stored at non-base members.