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People Planning - Conditional Execution Statement

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One employee was terminated in June; however, calculations are being done all throughout the year (1-12). Should be zeroed out from July to December. (In Plan Reports) How do I ensure that calculations are made from January to June, but zeroed out after July until the end of the year?





What about your execution list, is the status of the employee a Term?

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I only have two execution lists; Active and Term.

Is the employee flagged as the term, and is the termper updated?

The employee is flagged as term and the TermPer is updated to 6 under the drop-down.

I keep running into more issues though. 



You do have more parenthesis in there. There could be a lot of things involved. It could be that you don't have a space for AND in the conditional expression, or everything in that expression is failing unless you show the employee screen. This is a guessing game. Another thing you can do is just enable Term only and see if something is calculated.

Yes, there is just an open parentheses ( missing before the xfcell.

The plan is calculating but not the way I was expecting it to. In Plan Reports in the first screenshot, you can see calculations being made throughout the entire year, but it should stop calculating (zero out) after June because that's when they were terminated. 

In 2nd image, the employee is flagged as ‘Active’ because when it is flagged as ‘Term’ it will NOT appear in Plan Reports at all. How can I fix that in order to show that one ‘Term’ employee?





Since you flagged it as Active, those are calcs that are running. You have two options either change the Active calc conditional to see if there is a TermPer and stop it or change the report to show Actives and Terms.

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You also should test the type of the account.