People planning security


What is the best way to stop administers to see the PLP Register and plan tables from the system /database tab. We have added the access/maintenance  group for ancillary tables setting in the config file,  however that is only stopping getting the to the PLP register dashboard. However it is not stopping the following two items


  1. Admins being able to go to system/database and see the table data
  2. If I create a new dashboard with a data adapter and write a sql query on the register table, any user with access to the dashboard is able to see the salary data.


What is the best practice for this. Also – if we use any additional custom tables to load additional comp related data , is there any way to provide security on those custom tables ?




One option people do when creating a people planning application is to not put names/titles and salary data all together.  Meaning they might just use employee id, or some other information.  


When that isn't an option, you can create an application that only people who have the rights to see the salary data can access.  One of those people will have to be an admin of this application.  However it prevent anyone who does not have rights to see anything in the People Planning application.


Not out of the box. It'll be custom. Even with that Admins can access the Database page in OS and still see the data from the tables. So there is no bulletproof way of solving it other than using a custom solution.