SQL table editor - no access to add or delete rows

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As an admin user I can add and delete rows from a SQL table editor. However a non-admin user does not have access to do so. They can view the data but the add/delete row button on the toolbar are greyed out.

Can someone tell me how to give them access to add/delete rows?

Thank you



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Hi, Mark.

I would start by creating a new security group for this person and assigning that group to the Modify Security role. That's a pretty "powerful" role, however. It may be more access than they need.



I would also check the configuration in the Server Application configuration file, to check how the Database Server configuration is setup:

Screenshot 2022-05-19 080510.png

Cheers Frank

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I couldn't find a way to make the +/- sign invisible based on security/user group, but I have a workaround. You can first create a new security group, and then create a dashboard extender business rule as follows:

Select Case args.FunctionType
Case Is = DashboardExtenderFunctionType.SqlTableEditorSaveData
Dim selectionChangedTaskResult As New XFSelectionChangedTaskResult()
Dim secGroup As String = "ABC" '<--Enter name Of the security Group To test for current user
Dim isUserInGroup As Boolean = BRApi.Security.Authorization.IsUserInGroup(si, secGroup)
If Not isUserInGroup
Throw New System.Exception("You are not authorized to save changes. Please contact system administrator for assistance.")

End If

End Select


This will prevent unauthorized user from saving the data.


End If

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Hi Mark,

did u find a solution for this issue? I have similar situation.