Security on Registers

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Is there a way to apply security on the records inside a Register ?

For example I have 10 Entities and 10 Workflow Profiles with distributed registers built, Now inside the Registers there is a column for CostCenters. There are around 10-15 CC's. Users specific to CC should only see their records in Plan Register table. Is that possible ?


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Hi PrithviK, 
By default it does not exist. But the code for the Register like in the TCR solution are open and you can amend and change it to set this up. 

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Sorry Nicolas - wats the TCR solution like , is that a table you are referring to ?

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TCR is the market place solution Reporting Compliance.

I think, we need some additional information.

If you only want to restrict the drop down list by user, than you can do it, depending how you set the drop down list up.

  • If you maintained the drop down list manually using one of the Control Lists, then you have to change to a parameter based solution.
  • If the drop down list is based on a parameter (Member List, Member Dialog), the security of the cost center dimension should control the drop down as well.
  • If the drop down is a bound list using a Business Rule, you can change the rule to filter the cost center by user.

If the drop down list is not based on a Business Rule, you always can change it to do so.

Within a business rule, you find the active user in the si object: si.UserName

I hope this helps for the moment and cheers

If you are planning to restrict one user from seeing data from other cost center, then it is not possible unless you do these two things

1. Change Cost Center to Entity and use workflow and entity security

2. Change the WHERE clause of the SQL editor object to use the security applied to the cost center.

Not sure whether you are making use of "Display member." If not, you need to use that or create a custom table that holds the security. It is doable.


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Thank you all, will try out the above options