Slice Security Alternatives

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Hello Experts,

We have requirements on having the access enabled/disabled for system dashboards/forms channelwise (UD2 members). For this multiple slice security rules were placed on the cube which has been a tedious maintenance task and is probably adding performance impact on the dashboards. 

We are thinking of replacing the slice security rules via a Finance rule which will set conditional input for selected Entity, Scenario, Time, UD1, UD2 members from super user dashboard, Admin can lock/unlock these intersections via a super user dashboard on a button click. 

Is there a better alternative for achieving this? Any leads would be appreciated. 

Nidhi Mangtani

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I don't know the details, but I think, conditional Input is probably the better choice.

You can have a look at the Process Control Manager, it used ConditionalInput as well, and the business rules are not encrypted.