Slice Security Business Rule Update

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I am trying to update a slice security line using sql. I have been able to update the table on the backend but when I go into OneStream Cube -  Data Access - Data Cell Access Security, it does not show what the table was just updated to. It seems to want an ISS Restart in order for it to update in the Cube Data Access Section. I have also tried using a literal parameter on the member filters and an XFBR to make the changes I want after a button is pressed. Is there a way to update the Slice security without having to restart OneStream besides manually updating it every time?


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I'm afraid if you go writing to the database, you're on your own 😅

Why would you want to do this, btw? Having something that modifies data-access levels in an unauditable way seems like a big no-no. Can't you manage your access strategies dynamically with Conditional Input rules, instead?

I know the concerns with writing to the database but its really updating the slice rule when a call starts and then updating it back when a call ends when a button is pressed. Essentially we need to "lock down" OneStream during a call for about 10 minutes and only allow certain users to update certain scenarios. My other thought was updating the modify data security role with a BR and updating the group on it but the slice security seemed to be better because I can point it to certain scenarios to lock down and not all scenarios. I haven't looked into conditional input rules. Do you think this is something that could work for my situation? 

I am pretty sure you can use GetDataCell in Conditional rules. So you could have an account that you set to 1 to make certain intersections no input and when it is 0 it is input. I haven't tried it but it should be possible.

Another possible approach is the Process Blocker solution in Marketplace, have a look at it. Even if you don't implement it as it is, its instructions and source code might give you a few ideas.

Looks like that solution is only compatible with 8.0 and we are using 7.2. I will look into the Conditional Rule Business Rule, thanks for the suggestions! 

You should be able to download a previous version, look for a drop-down on the download page. It's been around for a very very long time, definitely not an 8-only thing.