System out of memory exception error

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We in the process of data validation and are constantly getting 

"Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown."

I know in hyperion we should change the time out.  Is there something similar we can do with onestream?





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Hey tdugas

I don't feel like this has anything to do with timing out nor would it in another system, as the system is purportedly  running out of memory.

I think the first port of call should be investigating if something is unnecessarily utilising a lot more memory than it should. Perhaps objects are being held in memory and not released even?

How many rows of data results in this occurring?

Is this on OneStream cloud or self hosted? I guess if self-hosted there could be something else chewing up memory.

I haven't encountered this myself but I have caused a server to restart due to an infinite loop - its easy to get ourselves in trouble with the power of .net at our fingertips!

- Daniel

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Hi tdugas, did you managed to find what was reason behind this error? I'm having similar issue when retrieving data from Quick Views. Wondering if there is a setting or simple restart etc solved the issue? I think the results from the retrieval is maxing out whatever memory is allocated.


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No  I never found a solution