Unable to clear stage data

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Hi All,


I am unable to clear the staging data even after doing " Clear" from import and "Clear all imported data from Cube" by giving right click on the period, Can anyone suggest how to clear that?



Thanks in Advance



Is this because your workflow is completed?

You may need to revert the workflow (get rid of the green checkbox) to clear your stage data.

Can you show a screenshot?

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I'm having the same issue. I working on importing some of our historical information and we'd previously imported data through a connector that I need to clear out. At that import step, I hit the clear on the Import step and there is no data shown there anymore but when I run reports etc. the data is still there on O#Import like clearing the import didn't do anything.



That "X Clear" button clears the data out of the stage table; not out of the cube.  To clear the data from the cube, you need to click the parent workflow, then right click the parent workflow and select "Clear all Import Data from the cube"



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That clears the imports from the workflow but the previously loaded data is still in the cube.

how did you load the "previously loaded data" into the cube?

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I hope you have found an answer by now but a work around for this is to Clear like did then go through the workflow steps without re-loading. So this would be selecting "Retransform", "Validate", "Load to Cube" (depending on steps). This will essentially load nothing to the cube. You can then go back and Load and Transform from step 1.

Other options are to run Data Management for a "Clear Data". If you wanted to just clear import, you can make the Forms and Adjustments False in the Data Management settings.