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Using Git or other version control source control for OneStream

New Contributor II

Has anyone used Git or another version control / source control system with OneStream?  Currently, we keep a lot of commented out code in our OneStream system.

  It would be a lot nicer to be able to only have to keep the latest in production, and have a version control system track the changes.

   By default ( not that I know how to change it) the OneStream app does  only 1 XML document per type, so the changes aren't tracked at the individual object level, and you'll get a lot of changes to search through.  Has anyone made it work, or are you aware of a best practices document or other doc for this?


New Contributor II

I have tried a couple of times to use Git together with the XFProj option. But this option is limited to certain types of components. But it's possible to define a "project" using the xfproj xml file, to define certain elements that's included in the project, such as Dashboard groups, Business Rules, Cube Views. From that you can run an extract, which will extract all components as individual xml files, and then from there track that via git.


Cheers Frank

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Hi guys!
If you want to track the changes, than remember that there is an audit log. It also tracks the changes in metadata.
As an example, the Administrator Solution Tools available on the marketplace can help you see the changes from a Business Rule. It can get a Business at a previous state. It is working from reading the audit log.
From there, it is possible to create a solution that would analyse the audit log for a specific metadata and display the changed in a time range done by a user. I created one like this for dimension member properties changes - but have not done that for other objects...
In another project, I tried to push metadata to GIT in order to facilitate migrations from environment. It was not satisfying at the same.
So I think there are no ideal tool for checking ALL changes yet.
Please give a kudo if it helps