What Does "Long Term Retention Policy Applies... so additional costs will be incured" mean?

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Good afternoon, as my corporation works through developing our application, we've copied our application a few times to ensure new upgrades don't interfere with existing working solutions. When copying the application today with a SNOW ticket, I received the following message: "Application will be created as a production application. Long Term Retention policies are applied to all production applications so additional costs will be incurred." Our cloud application only has one environment: production. What kind of costs are associated with having multiple applications? is this something I should be careful about to avoid getting a bill from OneStream?


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"What kind of costs are associated with having multiple applications?"

Short answer: that probably depends on your SLA.  Without trying to speculate on your SLA the best thing to do would be to check with your customer success manager if this of concern

Generally speaking, when you create application copies you get a full copy of all the data that is backing the application.  Production environments utilize Long Term Retention which is typically a Geo Redundant storage in the event some wild disaster happens.  So these application copies will also get picked up by the LTR.  That said, the raw Azure pricing for the geo redundant storage is just pennies per GB per month.

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But again, if you really want an answer, check with your customer success manager.