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how to monitor your Azure environment

New Contributor III

Hosted by Azure/Managed by OS, so never spent anytime learning how to monitor our environment other than at the very high level (System-Environment-Refresh). Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  Really looking to see how long Excel queries take, steps within consolidations and just general overhead.  I seem to remember something provided within Azure to monitor but not sure if that is still around or not.  We are heavy for 8 days and adding more functionality so need to make sure we can still run acceptable during that time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Clarke


The nature of your question we would ask that you log a support ticket for this so that the cloud team can assist you in this monitoring.   The performance is a direct result of multiple combinations of items.   Number of servers, Size of the data.    Excel queries can take longer the more data units you have in the query. They can also go over the Azure monitoring with you and properly go over and address your concerns.