OneStream Administrator Handbook: Now Available!

Community Manager
Community Manager

The OneStream Administrator Handbook is now available!

OSPress_Administrator_04_NowAvailable_1800x1800.jpgPhysical and PDF copies are available and are sold separately. Order your copy today at

Administrators are integral to the day-by-day operations and overall wellbeing of a company’s financial ecosystem. Although each OneStream application is unique, the challenges that administrators face when managing the OneStream platform remain similar when it comes to processes and troubleshooting.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned administrator, this book examines key concepts to help you understand and manage the financial and data processes of your OneStream application. Written for administrators, this book is filled with technical and functional contexts – whether syntax-related to business rules or general accounting concepts – and dives into practical examples and use cases that provide guidance and insights into commonly encountered themes.