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Tips to Designate Dev vs Prod



Does anyone have any tips or best practices to make it clearly visible when an admin is in Production vs. Development? Obviously next to user name we can see Production or Development, but other than that one word, they look identical. I’m thinking of something like a big red “DEV” logo at the top ribbon next to OneStream XF or something similar to that.


That's an easy one.

Thanks! Where in your application is the Application Server Configuration File located? I cannot find it unfortunately.

Dependent on the configuration… In Celvin’s image, the path of the XFAppServerConfig.xml file “Application Server Configuration” is located at C:\OneStreamShare\Confiig. The other common location is C:\OneStream or C:\OneStream\FileShare. In a multi-server environment, there will be a common “shared” location. The first server, I would check is the web server(s) in the environment.

Do you just write the color, or do you have to use a HTML color code ?

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You can just get the color. For example, Red.




I have tried, however was unsuccessful.
Does all servers’ IIS has to be restarted or only the App Servers ?

krgds Søren

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We’re on the cloud and so asked OS support to make this update for us:

In excel it looks like this:

We also name all our dev apps DEV_ and then the 2 digit month, 2 digit day and 2 digit year we made the copy from prod. For example, if I copied prod today for a dev app, it would be named DEV_062421.

Hope that’s useful!

Does this work in Azure hosted and when your Dev and Prod are just different applications in the same instance? In other words does each application have its own Environment color or does that update the instance?

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it works in azure, you just submit a ticket to OS support (if they are your hosting provider)

it is by instance. all applications in the environment would have the same color and environment name.

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Thanks then that doesnt help us since dev and prod both in same instance

In continue to what Michelle mentioned , that color coding is applicable per instance / environment.

if you have 2 applications in the same environment, its not possible to differentiate.

we named the application with suffix Prod & Dev… just a suggestion.

That’s our problem too… Dev and Prod in the same environment. Ours are named OneStreamProd and OneStreamDev. It helps, but it’s easy sometimes if you are working in both Dev and Prod to accidently do something in the wrong environment. That’s why I was hoping Dev could be bright red to mitigate that. Maybe we submit an enhancement request??

Definitely submit an enhancement request!

This is very similar to what we have.

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Hi Nicole

So if I understand you well, they changed the name of the application to development? 

Thank you 


Hi Nouria, 

We name our own apps when they're created/copied (we always copy from PROD) and we name the dev apps with the prefix of DEV. For example: DEV_061522



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Thank you Nicole

We will thus ask for the colour to be changed- this is a hosted environment so users can see the difference as well. 


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