Registration now open for the June edition of Tech Talks!

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Register now and reserve your seat for the June edition of Tech Talks, FDX-cellent Adventures! Ready to learn what FDX is and how it can help you collect and extract data? Join Sam Eburn, Tom Linton and Matt Kerslake as they explore how this technique can make working with data an FDX-cellent adventure!

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I assure you this one is a MUST attend for you intermediate and advanced architects out there!   You won't be able to say I didn't warn you!   I'm looking forward to having you join us! 

Register now before the virtual seats fill up! 


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They've asked for it and you're delivering it! Awesome!

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The FDX session at Wave was very useful and have definitely made use of the learnings (in fact have already had FDX-cellent adventures as a result!). Will catch this on the replay unless I'm in the mood at Australian midnight!

Our Asia Pacific friends get a time zone pass on live attendance and we very much appreciate the support for Tech Talks from our OneStream family across that region!  I vote for a future Tech Talks episode in your time zone, any takers?  Upvote 👍 this message and let's see if we can make that happen!

How could you not be in the mood? 

I'm just not sure I'd be able to sleep after such excitement!

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Will this be recorded and available for rewatch later? I unfortunately have a conflict at this time.

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Yes, this Tech Talks will be recorded and available on this forum. Usually replays are available one week after the live date but with the Fourth of July holiday in the US the following week it might get delayed a couple of days. Be sure to subscribe to this page so you'll be notified once it is posted. The replay will be available here for two weeks after it is posted and available on OneStream Navigator for unlimited viewing as part of your Passport Subscription. Thanks!