Alignment of Columns in Reporting

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In my screenshot above, I would like to add a $ sign. I know this is done under Number Format. However I would like the $ sign to be aligned to the left-hand side. Would adding a narrow column allow me to do that? Not every line will have a $ sign attached to it. 


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Yes, you can add a dollar sign by adding another thin column. Here's the steps I'd recommend:

In your dimension library, create a UD member. I will use UD4, for this example.

  • UD4 member name = AcctUnits
  • AcctUnits Formula Type = DynamicCalc
  • AcctUnits Formula =

If api.View.IsAnnotationType() Then

Return "$"

End If

  • Right now, the above formula results in all accounts having a '$', which is admittedly inappropriate for a [Margin Percent] account.
  • You can enhance the above formula to determine if an account is demarked in $, units, days, %, etc. depending on how your chart of accounts is built. One way to classify account demarcation would be to put value in the Txt8 field of each account identified as a non-dollar sign accounts. 

Next, in your cube view design, add your thin column of AcctUnits values:

  • In the column just to the left of the amount column, add a column set to U4#AcctUnits: V#Annotation
  • Format the column (make the column thin & make the column header invisible, etc.)
  • You can repeat this column to the left of each of the amount columns.


Note: the above dynamic calc formula will result in a [blank] when referring to other dynamic accounts, as shown in the last row of the report above.

Finally, you could duplicate this entire process to create two UD4 members, 'AcctUnitsLeft' and 'AcctUnitsRight' if you wanted to put $ signs on the left and % signs on the right.