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Anyway to display logo in cube view report when opened/exported in excel?

New Contributor II

I know when you open a cube view report as PDF it puts logo automatically. Is there anyway it can be displayed in excel export? never seen or done it but wondering if someone did it or have a work around. I have a requirement where we are doing an export of a Book in excel workbook (multiple tabs based on a loop in the book) and want to have the logo in the output so users don’t have to add it manually.


I’m assuming (if someone else got a trick up their sleeve) this will be something custom. It cannot be out of the box. You can look here for some chatter on creating EXCEL using Business rules, and that is the route you’ll have to explore if it is really needed.

New Contributor II

Thanks. I guess it is a very common request and should be added as an option in OneStream.


does your company also require a cover page for that excel book (first tab in the excel book would be the cover page)? I’m curious if anyone has had success with that? For PDF books I will create a cover page in excel that leverages parameters from OneStream, upload into file explorer, and add it as a file at the beginning of the PDF book. This doesn’t seem to work for excel books, unfortunately.

New Contributor II

I have had that requirement but was not really required so I have not explored on how to do it. If I find a way I will update here. On my logo issue; Onestream did confirm that it is their enhancements list so it may come out as a feature soon.

New Contributor III

Depending on how intricate you need to be, you could create a Cube View that is for labels only to use as your cover page