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Audit Reports in OS

New Contributor

Hi All,

I hope you are all well!  Just a quick intro - I'm new to OS and have just completed my first training course.

I work for a large global company who use OS to consolidate and report.

We have an instance where we reported or Jan22 figures, but now OS is showing slightly different figures at the consolidated level.

I'm hoping to find a report where I can identify if a user has either imported or updated a form for that Jan period after we reporting.  So a report that shows my by user if they entered in Jan by the stamp date?


Thanking you in advance!


New Contributor III

Hi Matt,

You can use Application Reports - if you haven't got this then you can download from the Marketplace. Once installed you can use the 3 Cube View Audit reports to see changes to Cube Views. Similar report groups also exist for dashboard, data entry, user security etc.