BI Viewer - Choropleth Map Editing

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Hi gang,

Does anyone out here use Choropleth maps in BI Viewer and was able to figure out how to create new Shapefiles? Bi Viewer includes a bunch of default maps (8 in all - World, Europe, Asia, NA, SA, USA, Canada, Africa) but I’m looking for SHP files by states (i.e. California, Texas, etc.).

Has anyone built different SHP files for BI-Viewer? If yes, please explain how?


Cosimo, you can download them for free from many sites. BI viewer guide explains how to import a custom map and what to do to bind the data.



Brother Celvin always comes through!


Where can I find that BI Viewer guide?


Can not access it. Is there a way to download the file? 


I'm assuming that you replaced the server name and port number with your server name and port numbers and you are on a 6.3+( I believe that's when the HTML help came out). If not you can download them from Marketplace. 

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Hi team! 

I have the same problem but in my case I need the SHP files by regions for Spain.  If It's possible ? I've tried to load shp map but an error appears, and in this web site I can not see the possibility to download SHP maps for Spain regions (madrid, catalonia, andalusia, basque country, etc)





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