BI Viewer does not show Data After Initial Setup

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Edit: Have determined that if I remove a column from the BI grid view and then replace it, data will populate the component again. Still don't have a reason or fix for the issue. 



I have a BI viewer that works fine in the initial setup/shows data pass through. I will run the BI in a dashboard once and it will also work correctly. If I run the dashboard again, it stops displaying data.

I checked and my data adapter functions as expected, and if I delete the BI and make an identical version it will also work initially in the BI Viewer component once and the dashboard once. 

The viewer operates off of two combo box member lists, and I've confirmed that those update my dashboard data set rule when I refresh my dashboard. 

If anyone has any input on this situation it would be much appreciated.


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That's peculiar. The only suspect I would have is that something in your Data Adapter works only once when executed in a Dashboard context.

If it is a DataSet rule, could you please post the code and the DataAdapter configuration?

If not, it sounds like something that should be discussed with Support.