Beginning and Ending balances does not match in the report.

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On the September forecast in OneStream, the beginning and ending balances on the Cash Forecast report from FY 2024-forward are not matching. The balances are matching correctly before FY24. The ending balance of the FY should match with the beginning balance of the next FY. In the past, this was related to workflows entered but not fully processed by the cube. But in this scenario, all workflows have been entered. 

Tried to drilldown on the BEGBAL/ENDBAL cell and check the entity base to know what caused this amount but the option is disabled here. 

What can be the possibilities for this issue to be caused and is there anywhere I can search for and solve this issue.







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There are a lot of factors to check depending on how you've got everything set up. Does the report work for base entities? You can check a quickview (rather than a cube view) to ensure that the data in the database is correct based on the intersections you're viewing. That removes an erroneous cube view from being the issue. Beyond that, check your POV. If that's not it, then it could be a plethora of items including but not limited to member properties, cube view filter and/or properties, consolidation status, etc.