Box borders for select rows

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Hi team

How do I create a border across rows and columns, essentially creating a box around them? The use case is for showing the detailed amounts for a subtotal in the AFS, contained within the box - as seen in the screenshot attached. When trying to add borders to a cell, it automatically applied the border selection to the rest of the rows as well.


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Hi @AllisonM 

Where are you looking to apply this?

I'm don't believe it is possible in cube views, but I'm sure it can be done in Excel or PDF reports using conditional formatting. The logic would depend on how you have configured your cube view, so we'd need a bit more information on how you are building the report to give advice.


Hi @MarkBird 

Thank you for your reply! Yes, it would be for Excel and PDF reports. The cube view is setup as follows:

  • The flows required to be contained in the box are indicated in red in the screenshot attached.
  • The subtotal for this flow will be included in the row above.



A starter for 10 (note, it only applies the excel formatting for now):

You could try adding something like this to the default cell format of the cube view:


If (ColName Contains 'LEFT') Then
	ExcelLeftBorderColor = Black, 
	ExcelLeftBorderLineStyle = Thin, 
Else If (ColName Contains 'RIGHT') Then
	ExcelRightBorderColor = Black, 
	ExcelRightBorderLineStyle = Thin, 
End If

If (RowName Contains 'TOP') Then
	ExcelTopBorderColor = Black, 
	ExcelTopBorderLineStyle = Thin,
	ExcelLeftBorderLineStyle = None, 
	ExcelRightBorderLineStyle = None, 
End If

If (RowName Contains 'BOTTOM') Then
	ExcelBottomBorderColor = Black,
	ExcelBottomBorderLineStyle = Thin, 
	ExcelLeftBorderLineStyle = None, 
	ExcelRightBorderLineStyle = None, 
End If


It would require that you add 'LEFT' / 'TOP' etc to the relevant rows and columns, e.g. :

AssetArise > 'Asset Arise LEFT'

ContrRec > 'ContrRec RIGHT'

I tried this, as well as variations of this condition, but it won't work because of the way I've set up the rows and columns. Thank you though! It'll definitely come in handy with other reports.

Reasons it won't work:

  • .Base is being used for dimension members on the columns.
  • This results in the borders being applied to the left/right of each column, instead of only on the most left/most right column.

Where there's a will, there's a way!

A few things that you could try:

1) If you know the member name of the first and last members you could change the if statement to look at the member name instead of the column name "If (ColE1MemberName Contains..." 

The same could apply to rows using RowE1MemberName

2) You could add a 'blank' column as the first and last columns use additional settings to change the columns widths, font colour, etc of these columns.