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I'm working in the excel add-in and creating a some reports for my company and was wondering if you can use Column Better/Worse in the add-in. I know you can with cube views or quick views, but those limit the formatting we want. The reason I want this is to be able to differentiate between account types when it's doing the comparison like it does in Spreadsheets or in Cubeviews.




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You can create a dynamic UD8 calc and use that in your b/w column.


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I agree with Chul.  We've got a couple of different U8 members that read Account Type for various situations which can be referenced.  I assume you're using getcell pulls, so for the greatest flexibility I'd probably use a U8 that returns the account type itself (something like Return api.account.getaccounttype(api.pov.account.memberid).name.  Then call it with a getcell:

=xfgetcell(true, "mycube","myentity",.."cell reference to account name",....."AccountType")
If you drop this into a column next to your account names, then you can do an excel formula where Asset & Revenue can be A - B, otherwise B - A type of thing.
Hope this helps.
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Forgot to call out that you'd need v#annotation in my getcell example.

Tom Darnall, CPA
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